Photo Guide

The Perfect Pet Photo Guide


The quality of the photo that you upload is crucial to the quality of your Pet Portrait. Here are some tips and guidelines to make sure your photo is just right:

  1. Eye Level and Straight On

    Getting down to the same level as your pet will make it easier to capture them up close, and snap your photo when they are looking straight at the camera. A treat above the camera often helps!

  2. Natural Lighting is Key

    Natural light always makes the best photos. Try taking your pet’s photo in the morning, early evening, or in a well lit room.

  3. Things to Avoid
    • Avoid uploading blurry or dim photos

    • Avoid two or more pets in a photo

    • Avoid taking the shot from overhead

    • Ensure the whole face and neck are visible

    • Make sure ears are not cut out of the photo

    • Avoid filtered photos (so we can capture your pet's true coloring)





      Please Note: Bows, collars, hats, leashes, and other clothing will be illustrated in your final portrait. In some cases, we are able to remove collars, leashes, and tags (you can make a note in the notes box at checkout). However in your photo, your pet should look exactly how you want them to look in the portrait.


      Not sure if your photos meet the guidelines?

      In many cases, we can still make them work. Send us your photo at and we'll let you know. We also create portraits of pets that have passed away, so we understand it's not always possible to follow all of the photo guidelines.

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